Montreal, Canada

AIducare is an AI-powered language learning platform that ensure high-quality learning experiences. Through our apps, users will enhance their language proficiency, boosting their confidence, and career advancement opportunities. Additionally, our app aims to bridge social and economic gaps while fostering mutual understanding between Anglophones and Francophones.


Environmentally Friendly Operations

We use hosting service from providers with green data center and energy-star-labeled servers.

We choose a data center that consumes less energy based on 3 criteria:
1. having access to renewable energy,
2. having cool temperature most of the time,
3. being closest to a majority of our users.

We encourage working from home: 60% of work or meetings that do not require physical presence will be done remotely.

Being Inclusive

The audios in our lessons are produced by people with different genders and background.

We ensure diversity of our company workforce. We give a fair chance during the interviewing process and at work for people with different genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.



Ethical and Credible AI System

We aim for zero unethical content. 

All of our lessons are verified and tested by humans.

We strive for a 90% accuracy rate in our platform.