Montreal, Canada

AIducare is an innovative language learning platform that leverages AI to offer personalized one-on-one coaching lessons to users.


Our Story

“AIducare” originates from the Latin word “educare” in Latin, which means “to train”. We substitute the first letter “e” with “AI”, representing artificial intelligence. “AId” is phonetically akin to “e” while embodying the integration of AI in education. “AIducare” signifies our commitment to aiding, caring, and educating.

The idea of AIducare was born in September 2023 from Pearl Nguyen’s observation. Arriving in Quebec, Canada in 2018 without French language skills, she tested several French learning solutions both in-class and online. These experiences led her to realize that current solutions were not well suited to beginners who want to lead an everyday life in French. Drawing on her expertise in digital technology, she then began to think about a solution that took advantage of artificial intelligence and would be better suited to the needs of beginners. Aware that such a project also requires business creation and development skills, the young woman joined forces with Armand Ben-Haim, whose experience in this area is solid.


AIducare is undergoing incubation within the Datapreneur program, a program under Millénium Québecor, University of Montreal. The Datapreneur program affirmed AIducare’s robust growth potential, its capacity for positive societal impact across Quebec, and its potential for international influence. Additionally, AIducare receives mentorship from Ms. Delphine Le Serre who is an expert in marketing and business development, as well as education and artificial intelligence. She is also the founder and president of EdHu2050, a global foundation dedicated to revolutionizing education.


Our Mission

We aim to empower members to conduct conversations in French within their first year with us.


Why AIducare?

One-on-one coaching is crucial for language learners, particularly those at the beginner level. However, this type of personalized instruction can be costly. AI-driven solutions present an affordable alternative, but existing language-learning apps fall short, especially in supporting novice learners and providing instant pronunciation feedback. This is where AIducare comes in, offering a distinctive solution that empowers French learners by addressing these gaps.